List of Chartered Technicians

CETn No.TitleNameSector
CETn2021-0001Mr.Low Geok KarLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0002Mr.Ho Hon Piew LawrenceLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0003Mr.Ahmad RiduwanLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0004Mr.Mohamad Yusoff Bin KarimoonLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0005Mr.Wong Siew MeowLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0006Mr.Punan Sadyan ManaghuranLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0007Mr.Wahid Bin KamilLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0008Mr.Khor Wei KeongLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0009Mr.Seah Kang Wei KennethLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0010Mr.Sanosi Muhammad AddafiLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0011Mr.Medina Crisostomo NanascaLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0012Mr.Abdul Rahman HaineeLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0013Mr.Yen Hun KetLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0014Mr.Bin Ahmat RuslanLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0015Mr.Goh Chee EnLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0016Mr.Chong Kon WahLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0017Mr.Jaffar Abdul RahmanLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0018Mr.Tiew Chong LinLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0019Mr.Muhammad Daniel Sani Ng Bin AbdullahLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0020Mr.Bin Chaepah Mohd FauzieLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0021Mr.Veepamuthu RamuLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0022Mr.Tugiman AminLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0023Mr.Chan JinghanLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0024Mr.Wong Liang TongLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0025Mr.Chong Kah LokLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0026Mr.Othman Muhammad YazidLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0027Mr.Teo Kian GuanLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0028Mr.Izhar Bin IdrisLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0029Mr.Muhammad Jafni Bin JailaniLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0030Mr.Gan Kok Leong Land Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0031Mr.Lerwin Calibuso ClementeLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0032Mr.Goh Mao ShengLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0033Mr.Malibiran Roland DapulaLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0034Mr.Ng Yeow FongLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0035Mr.Rodriquez Albinick LedesmaLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0036Mr.Aung Aye MinLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0037Mr.Ng Suey HuatLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0038Mr.Goh Hee ZhongLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0039Mr.Edward YiiLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0040Mr.Mah Han ChangLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0041Mr.Muhammad Hazim B. Md TarmizyLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0042Mr.Suresh RajendaranLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0043Mr.Hoo Lai KwangLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0044Mr.Suhaimi Bin SukionoLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0045Mr.Alfian Bin NoordinLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0046Mr.Chiang Khai FuLand Transport (Automotive)
CETn2021-0047Mr.Marimuthu SenthikumarLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2021-0048Mr.Soo Ah MoiLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0049Mr.Vintcent LiewLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0050Mr.Lee Jia JunLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0051Mr.Miswan RasbanLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0052Mr.Tay Thian JunLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0054Mr.Muhhammad Razib RajabLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0055Mr.Chow Choon FattLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0056Mr.Azali Bin Abdul RahamanLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0057Mr.Muhammad Shah Bin SamionLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0058Mr.Mohamad Fazli Bin Mohamad HamsaniLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0059Mr.Hazwan Bin RamlanLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0060Mr.Muhammad Hazren Bin HarunLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0061Mr.Azhaar Bin ShariffLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0062Mr.Abu Bakar Bin OthmanLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0063Mr.Jupri Bin BunjangLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0064Mr.Duraimanickam DharmarajLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0065Mr.Mohamad Borhan Bin Mohamed IbrahimLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0066Mr.Vengadesh Naidu S/O Kv SupermaniamLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0067Mr.Mohammad Fadli Bin OsmanLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0068Mr.Mohd Faizal Bin MohdLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0069Mr.Muhammad Fairuz Bin Ahmad ShahabuddinLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0070Mr.Low Chee FaiLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0071Mr.Lim Jui MuiLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0072Mr.Padhmanaban SrinivasanLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0073Mr.Elfin Bin EunosLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0074Mr.Neo Kwee BengLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0075Mr.Seah Chung HungLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0076Mr.Mohammed Salleh Bin Abdul KadirLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0077Mr.Erich Lee Wai WaiLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0078Mr.Thoraisingam A/L KuppusamyLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0079Mr.Hadiputra Bin Mohd IsaLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0080Mr.Jayashankar S/O R JayaramanLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0081Mr.Shanmugam SaravananLand Transport - Automotive
CETn2022-0082Mr.Mohamed Faisal Bin AyoobLand Transport - Automotive

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