List of Chartered Technologists

CETg2021-0001Mr.Loh Tick BoonLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0002Mr.Lee Kong LeongLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0003Mr.Mohamed Raffie Bin BorhanLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0004Mr.Ng Beng HwaLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0005Mr.Sam Bin MianLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0006Mr.Leo Siang HockLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0007Mr.Abdul Hamid Bin AwangLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0008Mr.Ahemed Ghani S/O Abdul KaderLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0009Mr.Seet Ming XuanLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0013Mr.Lawrence Tay Chong Joo Land Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0016Mr.Cheong Kok LeongLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0017Mr.Muhammad Yusri Bin OthmanLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0018Mr.See Wee JooLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0019Mr.Au Tuck KimLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0020Mr.Pey Eng SiahLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0021Mr.Cheng Tim YeongLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0022Mr.Koh Hock SoonLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0023Mr.Murali LekshmananLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0024Mr.Toh Soon OnnLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0025Mr.Sulaiman Bin BuangLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0026Mr.Thian Boon MengLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0031Mr.Chan Seng WaiLand Transport - Railway - Signalling & Communications
CETg2021-0032Mr.How Woon Hsiung (He Wenxiong)Land Transport - Railway - Signalling & Communications
CETg2021-0033Mr.Acmond Kek Choo TiongLand Transport - Railway - Signalling & Communications
CETg2021-0034Mr.Mohd Rodhi Bin SamatLand Transport - Railway - Signalling & Communications
CETg2021-0035Mr.Ng Eng Song, WilliamLand Transport - Railway - Others: Communications
CETg2021-0040Mr.Chan Kam ChiuWater - Water Treatment, Desalination and Water Recycling; Used Water Treatment
Environmental Services - Treatment & Disposal
CETg2021-0041Mr.Tan Kay BengBuilt Environment - Mechanical & Engineering
CETg2021-0042Mr.Seah Kok KiangBuilt Environment - Mechanical & Engineering
CETg2021-0043Mr.Yang Ziwei JosephLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0044Mr.James LowLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0047Mr.Per Ah HockLand Transport - Railway - Others: Communications
CETg2021-0048Mr.Mohamad Halim Bin RamlanLand Transport - Railway - Others: Communications
CETg2021-0049Mdm.Khairon Binte Mohammed SallehLand Transport - Railway - Others: Integrated Supervisory Control System and Maintenance Management System
CETg2021-0050Mr.Low Song ChyeLand Transport - Railway - Others: Control Systems
Built Environment - Facility Management
CETg2021-0051Mr.Joseph Chan Kok LeongLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0052Mdm.Ho Kim HueyLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0053Mr.Choo Kok WahLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0054Mr.Reduwan Bin HashimLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0055Mr.Ng Peng LeongLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0056Mr.Mohamad Ezan Bin AhmadLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0057Mr.Yeo Muhammad Azhar Bin Yeo AzmanLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0058Mr.Ong Cheng BoonLand Transport - Railway - Rolling Stock
CETg2021-0059Mr.Ng Chee PengLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0060Mr.Mohd Khizar Bin AniLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0061Mr.Kok Chong AnnLand Transport - Railway - Others: Integrated Supervisory Control System and Maintenance Management System
CETg2021-0062Mr.Koh Kwang LauLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0063Mr.Toh Kim ToonLand Transport - Railway - Signalling
CETg2021-0064Mr.Nicholas David BurtonLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0065Mr.Mark HegartyLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0066Mr.Mohamed Yoosuf S/O S K MohamedLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0067Mr.Cheng WanlinLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0068Mr.Talib Bin JatanLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0069Mr.Loi Chin ThyeLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0070Mr.Jayakumar S/O JairamanLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0071Mr.Steven Xu Guo MingLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0072Mr.Lam Fook YewLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0073Mr.Balaji ThandavarayanLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0074Mr.Jumari Bin SeminLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0075Mr.Liang Tian KongLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0076Mr.Mak Kok NamLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0077Mr.Choo Heng NamLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0078Mr.Saad bin AbdullahLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0079Mr.Salihin bin OsmanLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0080Mr.Cheang Hing KeongLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0081Mr.Norhisham bin MokhtarLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0082Mr.Tan Tuan BoonLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0083Mr.Govindaraju SundaravadiveluLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0084Mr.Omar HermanLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0085Mr.Tan Hwee HuaLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0086Mr.Theun Onn OnnLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)
CETg2021-0089Mr.Goh Chee PieuBuild Environment - Civil and Structural
Water & Environmental - Water Treatment, Desalination and Water
Recycling, Water Networks, Sewer Networks, Used Water Treatment
CETg2021-0090Mr.Loo Ching NongBuild Environment - Design, Civil and Structural
CETg2021-0091Mr.Mohamed Yoosuf Seguapa Kassim MohamedLand Transport - Automotive (Bus)

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