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More than 130 aerospace companies are located in Singapore, generating a combined annual output of S$11.3 billion in 2018. Technologists and technicians form a critical component of this ecosystem, contributing their technical expertise and skillsets to aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities, engine and component MRO activities, as well as engine and component manufacturing. As a heavily regulated industry, the aerospace sector has always required its workforce to fulfil stringent training and certification obligations.

Moving forward, the Aerospace Industry Transformation Map aims to elevate Singapore’s capability in design, engineering, production and after-market services for the world’s major aircraft programmes. Certified technologists and technicians with competencies in specialised processes and technology applications will be in great demand, to support new R&D outcomes, introduction of new technologies and deepening of manufacturing capabilities.

The new chartership scheme will equip technologists and technicians with the necessary professional recognition and skills training to take up new roles and seize emerging opportunities. It will also create opportunities for networking and sharing of industry best practices with fellow IES members.

Built Environment

Singapore owes its beautiful, high quality, safe and sustainable built environment in part to a dedicated cast of skilled technologists and technicians. Since the nation’s founding, technologists and technicians have enabled critical stages of the building lifecycle, from project design to construction, to be implemented in adherence to stringent standards. A prime example is their support to Qualified Persons or lead consultants, acting as their ‘eyes’ on the ground and assisting in supervising building works; detecting construction irregularities and defects; and verifying defects rectification.

Guided by the Construction Industry Transformation Map, the built environment sector is moving towards greater adoption of prefabrication methods and digitalisation to drive new levels of productivity. This transformation means that employers are looking for technical personnel with updated skills, knowledge and expertise in areas such as Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) and green building technologies.

Being chartered will help technologists and technicians stand out from amongst their peers in this evolving landscape. As a scheme that provides professional recognition of skills and competencies, it will give employers assurance of the individual’s capability, commitment and readiness to take up higher roles and responsibilities. A chartered technician or technician will therefore earn greater opportunities for career progression from technicians, to technologists and engineers.

Land Transport

Singapore’s efficient and reliable land transport network has been a critical enabler of its people’s daily mobility and economic growth. With their technical competencies and skillsets, technologists and technicians have been integral in supporting the engineering workforce to overcome limitations in land space and natural resources to build, operate and maintain high-quality rail and bus infrastructure.

Looking ahead, the Land Transport Master Plan 2040 has set new goals for a convenient, well-connected and fast transport network. The government has also set aside nearly $100 billion to build road, rail and active mobility land transport projects over the next decade.

As a certified recognition framework for technologists and technicians, the new chartership scheme will standardise the industry benchmark for engineering proficiency, provide continuous professional development opportunities and enhance their employability and mobility. It will also prepare them for emerging technological advancements and create a sustainable transport system for Singapore.

Precision Engineering

Singapore’s precision engineering industry has fuelled the growth of our manufacturing industry, providing pivotal support to businesses in semiconductor, marine & offshore, aerospace, medical technology and other industries. This is supported by a pool of technologists and technicians with a myriad of skills from machinery operation & maintenance to modules assembly and manufacturing of automated machinery systems.

The Precision Engineering (PE) Industry Transformation Map has identified new growth areas to bring the industry into the digital manufacturing era by developing capabilities in automated equipment systems with robotics, additive manufacturing, advanced materials, sensors, lasers & optics and complex equipment and systems. Employers responding to this transformation are seeking engineering professionals with advanced and specialised skillsets to meet increasingly sophisticated needs of the industry.

The chartership scheme will enable technologists and technicians to stand out from their peers by gaining professional recognition for their competencies, experience and commitment to the field. It will create opportunities for upwards career progression, mobility across different industries and advancement to become valued PE experts.

Water & Environmental

Singapore has come a long way in building resilient supplies of safe water and a clean and sustainable environment. Using their technical competencies, technologists and technicians have made significant contributions to the water and environmental sectors, from supporting development of NEWater and desalinated water to various clean and green initiatives for environmental and waste management.

With increasing water demand and continuous improvement in operational excellence, the water industry is leveraging on digital solutions and smart technologies to achieve greater efficiencies. In addition, the environmental industry, guided by the Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map, is moving towards driving innovation, upskilling workforce, improving productivity and capturing value overseas. Hence, to promote further transformation of the water and environmental sectors, technicians and technologists with mastery skills and competencies are required to work alongside Professional Engineers and Chartered Engineers to support overall industry innovation efforts and new technology adoption.

The new structured career pathway and chartership scheme for technologists and technicians will enable them to fulfil evolving demand for certifications from the industry, continuously acquire new skills and achieve vertical and lateral mobility across different industries.

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